Perkins Roofing Corp. Announces New Qualifier - Roofing Contractor in Miami

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June 25, 2019

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Perkins Roofing Corp.

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Perkins Roofing Corporation, established in 1980, a leading roofing company based in Miami, Florida, is pleased to introduce Tim Kanak, vice president of Perkins Roofing, as the company’s second qualifier. Tim Kanak earned his Florida state roofing contractor’s license this spring and joins owner and president, Dean Perkins, as the company’s licensed qualifying team. Perkins Roofing has two licensed roofing contractors in house who lead and manage the daily operations of the business, providing exceptional service and quality of work to the greater Southeast Florida area. 

Applicants for the license undergo an intensive exam testing industry knowledge, important safety protocols, construction law, as well as commercial and residential roofing experience. In addition to passing the exam, applicants must also provide documentation of their work history in the roofing industry, including examples of successful projects they have completed. They may also be required to provide references from previous clients or employers to demonstrate their reliability and competency.

Once the exam and documentation requirements are met, applicants must also obtain liability insurance and bonding to protect their clients in the event of accidents or damage during the construction process. This insurance is typically required by law and ensures that the roofing contractor is financially responsible for any issues that may arise during the course of their work. Obtaining a roofing license requires a significant commitment of time, resources, and knowledge. However, it is a crucial step in ensuring that roofing projects are completed safely and efficiently, and that clients are protected throughout the construction process.

Perkins Roofing Corp. Announces New Qualifier - Roofing Contractor in Miami
Tim Kanak, Vice President of Perkins Roofing, holds a Master’s Degree in Education as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism

Who is Tim Kanak, Vice President of Perkins Roofing Company? 

Tim Kanak is a well-rounded professional with a diverse background and experience in various fields. Growing up in South Florida, Tim’s passion for journalism led him to pursue a degree in the field from a reputable university. After graduating, he worked in customer service and management roles, gaining valuable experience in handling different situations and interacting with clients.

Tim later took a summer job with the Contractors Association of South Florida, where he discovered his knack for project management. This experience sparked his interest in the construction industry, leading him to further his education by pursuing a master’s degree. His teaching background also comes in handy, as he now trains and mentors employees on his in-house team.

When Tim is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and likes to attend events in the Florida Keys area. With his diverse skill set and strong work ethic, Tim is a valuable asset in any team or market he is involved in.

Growing the Team

Since 2018, it was a goal of Kanak’s to earn his roofing contractor’s license in order to better serve the company and customers. Kanak has been with Perkins Roofing since the summer of 2014. “I’m impressed and beyond happy Tim has earned his roofing contractor’s license. I know it was a goal of his to earn it. I’m grateful that together, we have a strong foundation of roofing knowledge to better run our business and serve our customers with expertise,” says Dean Perkins, owner and president of Perkins Roofing. “I value continuing education here in our office and I’m always happy when a team member wants to learn more and push themselves toward a goal.”

In addition to his Florida roofing contractor license, Kanak holds certifications in various roofing materials awarded from top roofing product manufacturers including Polyglass, GAF, Verisco, and Gulf Coast Supply & Manufacturing. Continuing education is a daily goal at Perkins Roofing. 

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Perkins Roofing offers residential and commercial roofing services to Fort Lauderdale and the greater southeast Florida area including reroofs, repairs, maintenance services, restorations, coating, gutters, weatherproofing, and more. Since the existence of Perkins Roofing in 1980, we have been in business for over 20 years and are fully licensed and insured. Our team of experienced roofers is dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Whether you need a small repair or a complete roof replacement, we are here to help.

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