Tile Roofing Company

Roof Tile Installation by Perkins Roofing Corp.

Perkins Roofing is a tile roofing company. Our technicians are skilled at installing tile roofs in all different styles. From flat concrete tiles to clay barrel tiles, to metal roof tiles, Perkins Roofing is here to be your roofing expert no matter your preferred style.

Tile Roofing Company - tile roofing company
Tile Roofing Company - tile roofing company

Tile Roofs

Perkins Roofing will handle all permits, inspections, material delivery, waste removal, and anything else related to a roofing project- from a small roof repair to a large reroof. If you have any questions regarding the process of undergoing roof repairs, new construction roofs or reroofs, please call or email us today.

Roof Tile Types

Tile roofs are where dependability, affordability, and style meet. Tile roofs are the second most reliable roofing systems to metal roofs, but many people prefer the look of a tile roof to a metal roof. Installing standard tile roofs are more affordable than installing a standing seam metal roof; however, this may change depending on the price of the selected roof tile.

Tile Roofing Company - tile roofing company

Reroof Shoppers Please Note

Generally, tile roof repairs and maintenance cost more in the long run than maintenance or repairs on a metal or shingle roof. Tiles are vulnerable to breakage with impact of-debris from vegetation or during high-wind collisions.