25 Sep 2022
roof gutter

The Importance of Roof Gutters New homeowners often ask if roof gutters are essential in their homes or if they are just for beautification purposes. The answer is yes. Roof gutters are a very important part of the home.  While it is true that they add aesthetics to your building, their primary function is to […]

15 Sep 2022
Metal Roof

Differences Between 5V Crimp and Standing Seam Metal Roofs Metal roofs are beautiful. The right metal roof over your home will increase its aesthetic appeal while continuing to offer years of secure, low-maintenance protection. The fact that metal roofs do not degrade at all is another significant benefit. They are unaffected by deadly fire, torrential […]

06 Sep 2022
roof inspections

The Benefits Of A Post-Hurricane Season Roof Inspection The Miami, FL hurricane season comes with many storms and rainfall, damaging a home, especially your roof. This is why it’s so important to have your roof inspected after the hurricane season to ensure it’s not damaged in any way. A professional roof inspection will allow you […]

21 Aug 2022
palm beach county roofing

Your New Palm Beach County Roofing Company Are you looking for roof inspection, repair, or replacement services for your Palm Beach County property? Look no further than Perkins Roofing Corp. They are a reliable roofing company, offering a wide range of roofing services. They boast a team of roof professionals trained and experienced to handle […]

12 Aug 2022
metal roofs

Standing Seam Metal Roof: Meaning, Types, Costs, Pros & Cons For as long as humans need shelter, roofing materials will remain indispensable. And although there are various products on the market, demands for new and highly improved roofing materials are driven by the yet insatiable desire for longevity as well as climate-friendly needs and timeless […]

06 Aug 2022
repair or replace roof

Should you Replace or Repair your Roof? These 6 Key Factors will Help you Decide When faced with roof damage, homeowners often panic due to the urgency of the situation. Any delay may result in further damage, removing the chance of a repair altogether.  Nonetheless, it is important to be able to differentiate between when […]

30 Jul 2022
about HVHZ

What is HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zone)? South Florida typically experiences severe tropical storms also known as Hurricanes. However, some areas feel the impact more. These areas are designated HVHZ( High-Velocity Hurricane Zone.)  What is HVHZ? The High-Velocity Hurricane Zone is an area in South Florida marked for its severe weather. This area experiences more hurricanes […]