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The Benefits Of A Post-Hurricane Season Roof Inspection

The Miami, FL hurricane season comes with many storms and rainfall, damaging a home, especially your roof. This is why it’s so important to have your roof inspected after the hurricane season to ensure it’s not damaged in any way.

A professional roof inspection will allow you to act proactively to prevent further damage to your home and belongings. Here are the benefits of a post-hurricane roof inspection.

1. Identify invincible issues

Although you can find bigger and more visible damages, it’s unlikely that you will be able to spot damages that aren’t visible from the ground. Many people will come out of their homes after a storm to simply look around. If they find no outward indications of damage, they’ll deem that the storm has been successfully withstood and move on.

Unfortunately, a lot of storm roof damage isn’t visible unless you get a ladder and climb to your rooftop. You might not know where to look even if you follow these steps.

A qualified eye can evaluate the roof for these specific conditions during a professional roof inspection.

2. Find minor damage

There are several minor, unseen problems that may arise during a storm. These problems would probably go unnoticed if you opted to forego the professional inspection and only repair the more apparent flaws. No matter how insignificant the damage is, it is essential to have it addressed right away. If you don’t, future repairs could be more extensive and costly.

A roof specialist will comprehensively inspect your roof when they arrive to check it out after the hurricane season. These professionals know exactly what to look for on the inside and outside of your roof. With their experience, they’ll be able to find tiny leaks, damaged shingles, and ice dams that are invincible.

3. To help with insurance claims

Getting an expert roof inspection is one of the best things you can do after a significant storm, as it makes filing an insurance claim easier. Insurance companies demand images and copious amounts of documentation to prove that there has been damage of any kind.

The roofing expert will document all damage with images during a roof inspection and provide a detailed report for your insurance company. They will also provide a cost estimate for repairs or replacement for your insurance provider to put together a claim settlement to pay for the repair.

4. Safeguards the roofing warranty

Most roofing warranties impose a minimum yearly roof inspection requirement on homeowners. By hiring an expert to inspect your roof after the hurricane season, you can avoid problems that result in warranty voidance.

5. It saves you money over time

If you decide against getting a professional roof check after the hurricane season, then be prepared to dig deeper into your pocket later. While small or undetectable problems may not seem like much, they will eventually lead to many issues.

In fact, if minor repairs go unreported, they may grow worse. Having professional roofing inspections performed will significantly increase the lifespan of your roof, allowing you to act swiftly.

6. Peace of mind

A damaged roof is extremely stressful when storm season arrives. You might have to cope with leaks, additional damage, or a roof that has completely failed. Examining your roof after the hurricane season will ensure you experience any upcoming storms with less anxiety.

7. Understand the Signs of Water Damage 

Even if you believe you have what it takes to climb onto your roof and do a thorough self-inspection, you are unlikely to have received specialized training in spotting water damage. It’s exceedingly challenging to notice this harm unless you’ve received special training.

You’ll likely be able to spot water damage later when it’s past the point of no return. Professionals are skilled and knowledgeable about what to look for to spare you the hassle and keep your home and belongings dry and free of molds.

When should you have your roof inspected?

Call the roof experts after the hurricane storm has passed through. Remember that even if you were lucky during the challenging season, it’s still advisable to undertake an annual inspection. Hiring a qualified roofing contractor like Perkins Roofing Corp. helps expedite the procedure and lowers the amount you spend.

The Perkins Roofing Corp. team will come to your Miami, FL, home after a hurricane has passed to inspect and identify any issues. Our team will also help you fix any damages found during the inspection. Call us at 305-687-6521 to learn more about our services.