Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication and Installation

Perkins Roofing Corp. specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication and installation in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the Florida Keys. Whatever it is you need, we will provide unmatched service and craftsmanship to your next roofing project.



Gutters, Roof Vents & Sheet Metal
Gutters, Roof Vents & Sheet Metal


Perkins Roofing provides gutter fabrication and installation of all styles and metal types. From copper gutters to aluminum gutters, we have you covered. Upon your scheduled estimate, a skilled Perkins Roofing technician can provide advice on install locations and gutter sizes necessary for proper drainage of your roof.

Roof Vents

Fabrication and installation of new roof vents is one of our many specialties. From standard sizes to custom ventilation with decorative accents, bathroom vents, kitchen vents, to solar vents… we do it all!

Gutters, Roof Vents & Sheet Metal
Gutters, Roof Vents & Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal

Does your home need balcony or patio railings? How about a coping cap for your walls or planters? Or a custom electrical box cover? Perkins Roofing can create and install custom sheet metal projects best suited for your property. Even if you’re not sure what is best for your property, schedule your inspection and our trusted estimators will provide you with expert advice on best items and placement.


We deliver every skilled trade for full project management and satisfaction