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3 Important Things To Consider When Choosing a Roof Color

Choosing your roof color can be a daunting and confusing task, especially with so many color palettes and schemes. However, picking the right shingle color can transform your home. elect the roof color that suits your home’s architectural style, as the shape and color of your roof play crucial roles in the appearance of your house. Explore the market for a new roof, and choose a color that increases home value, and ensures peace of mind.

We understand how stressful this process can be, and to make it easier for you, we have put together a guide on choosing the best roof color that suits your house color, enhances curb appeal, and complements your home’s aesthetics.

3 Things to Consider When Selecting a Roof Color

There are a few factors to consider to ensure that you choose the right color for your roof, and they include:

The climate

It is essential that you consider the climate of your location when choosing your roof color because the color of your roof can determine the hotness or coolness of your home. For example, dark colors attract heat, making your home feel warm during the hot weather, while light colors reflect UV rays, keeping your home cool on hot days.

Homeowners in a hot climate should consider choosing bright-colored roofs, while those in cooler temperatures can choose dark-colored roofs to match the aesthetic of their environment. However, this step might not be necessary if you live in an area with extreme weather changes.

The Color of Your Sidings

The color of your house plays an essential role in choosing a roof color for your home. It is best if there is a contrast between the color of your siding and the color of your roof to create a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Consider the color of your windows, doors, and other outdoor features in choosing the color of your roof shingle, as you want to ensure that they match. 

A simple guide you can follow is matching warm colors ( yellow, orange, beige, red) with warm colors ( blue, grey, brown, white). For example, a beige siding will match well with a dark blue roof, while a white siding will match well with red shingles.

Shape and size of your house

It is essential that you choose a roof color that suits your building’s architectural design and enhances its unique features. Choose a roof color that will make your house pop and look elegant. For example, dark colors like black or dark brown match well with old traditional houses, while bright-colored roof colors such as orange or bright red will complement modern architecture better.

In the same vein, you should consider the size of your house in choosing the color of your shingles. A dark-colored roof will make your home look smaller, while bright-colored roofs can make your home more eye-catching. 

So, for example, a bungalow will match well with bright-colored shingles like red or orange, while dark-colored shingles like dark brown will go best with a multi-story building.

4 Simple Steps for Choosing the Right Roof Color

1. Research Your neighborhood:

As stated earlier, climate and neighborhood play an essential role in choosing your roof color. To get a clearer picture of what color to choose, take a stroll around your neighborhood and check out your neighbors’ roofs. Take note of your observations and consider them in your decision-making.

2. Request for Brochures From Roofing Companies:

Most roofing companies have brochures of different shingles colors and would be happy to send them to you. Go through as many brochures as possible, observe each color and see how they are matched. Seeing the colors live in pictures will help you decide better.

3. Request  Samples of Shingles and Do Real-Life Testing: 

Sometimes, shingles appear different than they do in pictures. To make a better decision, request samples of the desired shingles from your roofing company, test them against your sidings and observe the result.

4. Ask Roofing Experts for Assistance:

If you still feel confused after going through all the steps, consult your roofing contractor and use a home visualizer to find the perfect roof color for your house. Considering their years of experience and exposure, they can work with you in choosing a roof color that will look best on your home.


Choosing a shingle color can be exhausting and tricky, but one important tip is to take your time and explore as many options as possible. Do not choose your roof color in a hurry to avoid getting a result you wouldn’t like. Also, remember to work with your roofer and ask questions if you feel overwhelmed.

If you need to speak with an expert about choosing a roof color, Perkins Roofing has a team of professional roofers available to answer all your questions and work with you to achieve your perfect roof. Contact us today!

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