Leaking roof

What Should You Do When Your Roof Is Leaking

Roof leaks are a pain for homeowners. You should be able to feel secure in your own four walls, which are designed to shield you from the elements. 

However, precipitation such as rain and snow may eventually find their way inside your home when there is a leak. In the event of such, it is advisable to take action as soon as possible, especially if water damage is a concern.

It’s important to know what you can do if you discover that your roof is leaking to keep water damage to a minimum. Here are six things to do:

Get Things Cleared Away

It’s terrible enough that you have a leaking roof. In the process, you don’t want to damage your possessions. A leak on your bed, clothing, or furniture means it’s time to clean up!

Nobody wants to lose some of their most prized possessions to water damage. Some materials retain moisture and develop a foul odor due to mildew to make matters worse. As a result, get rid of anything in your path as quickly as possible!

Contain the Water

As much as possible, attempt to contain a leaking roof. Make sure to collect as much water as you can by using buckets, trash cans, towels, etc., to minimize the damage and impact of water.

Additionally, water damage to your floors could result. Always keep multiple containers available to hold water and switch them out frequently to avoid overflow.

Reduce water pressure

Sagging bulges in your ceiling indicate that water is accumulating there. Poking a hole in the region may seem foolish at first, but necessary. If you don’t take care of it, the water may spread and ruin the entire ceiling.

Then there’s the possibility that it will erupt on its own and cause considerably more damage. When the water seeps through the hole, use a screwdriver or any other sharp object you can find to pierce the lowest point of the swelling carefully. Depending on the magnitude of the leak, many punctures may be required.

Take Pictures for Insurance Claims

Now, you have a leaking roof; what should you do? This is it! If the damage is suitable for a claim, documenting your damages will be helpful when you file your insurance claim. Everything should be recorded and photographed, and we can’t stress this enough.

It demonstrates the extent of the damage to the roof and the other items that were affected. It is vital to record any damages caused by the leak in your roof. Your insurance may cover the cost of repairing or replacing the roof and any personal property you’ve lost.

Contact a Reputable Roofing Company

Taking care of a leaky roof is a large job; therefore, it’s best left to the professionals. Waiting too long could make things much worse. 

Something needs to be done as quickly as possible because there’s only so much you can do- and it has to be professionally done.

In addition to fixing the damaged area, experienced roofers can examine the rest of your roofing system to see whether additional parts need to be repaired or rebuilt.

As a matter of fact, you should avoid using a roof tarp as this is at best only a temporary fix. If you want a long lasting solution to your leaky roof, call a licensed roof repair company like Perkins Roofing Corp for immediate assistance.

Regularly maintain your roof

A lot more work needs to be done after the roof is fixed and everything is back in order. The best approach to prevent leaks is to do regular roof maintenance. Your roof is exposed to extreme weather conditions and wear & tear. Included in routine roofing maintenance are the following:

  • Look out for trees that have grown too close to your roof, and if necessary, chop down the branches and limbs.
  • Gutter cleaning is integral to keeping your home free of debris, such as leaves and pine needles. In addition, an adequate drainage system is essential for the safety of your home.
  • After a major storm, inspect the roof for loose or missing shingles.
  • Inspect the chimney for any signs of damage.
  • Find and repair any shingles that have curled or split

The shingles are weakened over time by rain, snow, and hail. Central systems such as your roof should be regularly maintained to keep your home cozy.

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