Hurricane Roof Preparation

The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially begins June 1st and runs through November 30th affecting South Florida and the entire east coast United States region. Each year, all of South Florida crosses its fingers hoping we’ll never have to face another Andrew, Wilma, or Irma again. The reality is, we will but we won’t know when. This is why prevention and hurricane preparedness are key when prepping your home and roof for hurricane season in Miami. There are many tips and tricks to follow to be sure your home is storm ready, and scheduling a professional roof inspection tops the list!

Schedule a Roof Inspection with Perkins Roofing

Miami is a focal point for severe weather, tropical storms, and hurricanes. But it’s a tradeoff we endure for living in “Sunshine State” paradise, right? Owning a home in a hurricane-prone area means conducting a yearly roof inspection prior to the start of hurricane season is an absolute must. Perkins Roofing will provide a thorough roof inspection report detailing your entire roof and outlining areas of concern our team feels are necessary in either repairing or replacing to ensure your roof is in the clear to weather any storm. Points of focus in the roof inspection report include:

  • Life expectancy of roof
  • Health of roof tiles, roof shingles, metal or other roof material 
  • Moisture leaks or damage
  • Recommended repairs and maintenance programs if needed

Clean Your Gutter and Drainage Systems

Your roof’s gutter system helps properly drain problematic rainwater down and away from your roof during storms. Downspouts are the vertical pieces of your gutter system which run downside along your home to direct water from rooftop to ground level. It is vital to keep your gutters, downspouts, and drainage systems clean and working properly to avoid any water vs. roof issues. Perkins Roofing offers gutter cleaning and maintenance services to keep your home’s gutters in excellent shape. 

Trim Nearby Trees and Vegetation

It’s a roofer’s favorite phrase, “trees and roofs don’t mix”. Although the look of mature low-hanging tropical trees shading your home may have enchanting curbside appeal, you’re certainly not doing your roof any favors. The constant brushing of tree branches and dropping of shedding branches, seeds, and sap, causes extreme damage to roofs and fascia. It’s a constant irritation for your roof to be brushed up against by vegetation and can rack up a costly bill to the homeowner if not taken care of. Be sure to trim all nearby trees and vegetation, especially before and during Miami hurricane season. 

Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy and Warranties

It’s always a wise idea to review your homeowner’s insurance policy documents and home warranties before a disastrous hurricane hits. Perkins Roofing is experienced in working with insurance companies, adjusters, and homeowners who may have an insurance claim for their new roof or roof repair. Our dedicated staff can help you handle this situation effectively and strategically. So, break out the ol’ insurance policy binder you have in your home and refresh yourself on what policies you currently have in place or may need to sign up for.

Are you storm ready? Preparing your roof for hurricane season in Miami is not only important but necessary.

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