29 Aug 2019
How to Finance a Re-roof Project in Miami

The truth is simple, roofs don’t last forever. No matter how well they’re constructed, whether it’s shingle, tile, or the amazingly durable metal, any house or building is due for a re-roof or two (or more) in its lifetime. The idea of a re-roof may frighten some homeowners into believing they can’t afford it or they have to wait until a named storm hits to take advantage of an insurance claim. But rejoice, homeowners! There are multiple legitimate ways to finance your next re-roof project, whether you have bad credit or not. Perkins Roofing is experienced with working with homeowners and property owners on different ways to pay for a new roof.

Insurance Coverage

If you have homeowners or property insurance, you may be eligible to use your policy to cover or partially cover the cost of your new roof if you meet your policy’s criteria. Revisit your current homeowners insurance policy to familiarize yourself on what it says about your roof. After a named storm hits South Florida, your roof may acquire damage which may be eligible to be replaced or covered mostly by your insurance. Contact your agent today to be sure your current homeowners policy is best fitting for your needs. Many insurance policies may not cover the cost of a new roof if its found to be poorly taken care of. Schedule a roof inspection with Perkins Roofing beforehand to learn more about the current condition of your roof.
Note: Under Florida law, insurance fraud is a serious crime and those found guilty of committing this crime are prosecuted. There are strict guidelines in place to protect insurance companies and contractors from insurance fraud which is a growing crime in the United States.

Home Improvement Financing Programs

Fortunately for many homeowners in South Florida, effective financing programs who work with contractors of all trades are plentiful! YGrene and RenewPACE, just to name a couple, are excellent financing solutions who work directly with the property owner and Perkins Roofing to finance your new roof. Simply confirm your re-roof project qualifies for the program’s financing options, submit a pre-qualification application, and choose Perkins Roofing as your roofing contractor! For some of these roofing financing programs, no money is required out of pocket, no payments for up to a year or more, no minimum FICO score required, and more. Financing programs such as YGrene and RenewPACE help make the new roof dream possible for many South Floridians.

Apply for a FHA 203k Loan

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development provides FHA 203k loans to those who qualify to finance the rehabilitation of a house, including new roofs. Homeowners must submit an application through an FHA approved lender to begin the qualification process. Certain restrictions and requirements may apply for a re-roof FHA 203k loan so it’s essential to connect with a qualified FHA approved lender in your city.

You Have Several Options

There are several great options for South Florida homeowners to finance their next re-roof project. Perkins Roofing is experienced and willing to work with you to build you the roof your dreams and understands some customers may need assistance to get started.

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