Abandoned Pet Rescue in Fort Lauderdale, a 501(C)(3) IRS tax-exempt not-for-profit charitable organization, and one of the largest no-kill animal shelters in South Florida, was in great need to upgrade the roof above its tenants heads: their precious dogs and cats up for adoption. Team Perkins Roofing initially made the first connection with one of Abandoned Pet Rescue’s (APR) volunteers, Larry Wallenstein, back in 2019 when Perkins Roofing donated to the charity as its “charity of the month” donation drive. Mr. Wallenstein mentioned APR was currently fundraising for a new roof and welcomed Team Perkins Roofing to provide an estimate. Fast forward to 2021, after partnering with some fantastic supportive vendors, Team Perkins Roofing installed a new roof at the shelter making for a more comfortable temporary home for all of its furry tenants and wonderful staff.

Team work always makes the dream work

Perkins Roofing worked with the following incredible vendors to provide materials either donated or greatly reduced in cost, and for logistical and planning support: John Massengill of Building Envelope Associates worked closely with Perkins Roofing coordinating vendor donations, Polyglass USA donated all roof membrane rolls, Hunter Panels provided all tapered insulation at cost, ICP Adhesives donated a portion of the insulation adhesives, and ABC Supply provided logistical support.

Project details

Square footage of project: 6,200 sq ft
Time span of project: 2 weeks
Warranty: 20 Year Polyglass QUANTUM NDL Warranty
Unique challenges: Hundreds of animals were residing at Abandoned Pet Rescue during the duration of the construction project, so our team was determined to work diligently and cautiously each working day to cover the most ground. An old poured gypsum roof deck atop a metal roof deck covered 5,000 sq ft of surface while the other 1,200 sq ft was a termite damaged wood deck. Perkins Roofing changed a large amount of rusted old metal panels under the gypsum deck and the termite damaged wood. Perkins Roofing worked alongside a HVAC company to move and eliminate air conditioning racks and get them up to code. Next, Perkins Roofing worked with an electrician to move wires and gas lines to their proper place.

Consider APR for your next furry-friend adoption or charity donation

Abandoned Pet Rescue was terrific to work with and Perkins Roofing couldn’t have completed this project without the wonderful support of our participating vendors. Animals are important to Team Perkins Roofing, with most of our staff pet parents themselves and with two adopted pups residing at our Miami office, the “adopt, don’t shop!” mantra is important to us. If you’re looking to add a four-legged friend to your family, please consider checking out Abandoned Pet Rescue. You may also donate as a one-time donation or reoccurring donation here.

APR’s “Through the Years” shout out to Perkins Roofing




Original roof: an old poured gypsum roof deck atop a metal roof deck
Demolition phase
Installation phase
Completed roof