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March 21, 2019

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Perkins Roofing Corp.

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What is roof coating? Roof coatings are a liquid, fully adhered elastic roofing membrane that acts as an extra layer of protection to an already completed roof. The most common types of roof coatings are acrylic coatings, asphalt coatings, polyurethane coatings, and silicone coatings. Roof coatings are not to be confused with fluid-applied roofing systems. Roof coatings are an enhancement to an existing roofing system, whereas a fluid-applied roofing system is an actual roofing system. We all know the ancient proverb, “April showers bring May flowers,” but do you know the South Florida twist on this classic rhyme? It goes a little something like, “April showers bring torrential downpours beginning May through October in South Florida. Prepare now and get a roof coating!” You’ve probably never heard that one before, right? Ha! Introducing, roof coatings by Perkins Roofing, your trusted roof coating company since 1980. 

Roofing coatings are a key component in overall healthy roof maintenance and help extend the life of your roof. Generally applied once a year prior to the start of the rainy season, roof coatings can save you money, and possible leak damage to your home and belongings, reduce energy usage, and prevent lots of unnecessary frustration. Roof coatings are a smart and simple way to improve the health of your roof and help it live its best life while protecting you under the relentless South Florida sun and weather.

Roof Coating Benefits in South Florida

Roof coatings are designed to protect roofs from the harmful damaging effects of harsh weather and environmental factors such as UV rays, water, and wind which can cause water intrusion leaks. In addition to their leak protection power, roof coatings act as an extra layer of durability for your roof to fight back against Florida-strong heat and sunshine. In areas where the roof coating has been applied, the roof will be a more pleasant temperature due to the reflecting of UV rays and heat. This in turn lowers the strain on your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. Less strain on your air conditioning means a lower utility bill. It’s a win/win! Also, when the time comes for your property to re-roof, you can be proud you are officially a team player in reducing roof tear-off waste. Since roof coatings act as a bonding membrane on your roof, different layers of the roof stick together better during the messy job of roof tear-offs.

Is My Roof a Candidate for Coatings?

Roof coatings are applied to flat and low-sloped commercial and residential roofs alike. Perkins Roofing and other leading roofing professionals do not recommend applying coatings to shingle or tile roofs as this practice can lead to moisture problems and water damage due to improper air circulation underneath the shingles, delaying the shingle drying process after rainfall. Roof coatings are a popular choice among South Florida condominium property managers to keep their buildings leak-free throughout the year. We think it’s safe to conclude no roof leaks equal happy residents, and happy residents equal very happy property managers! Important note: the City of Miami requires all buildings to have white roof coatings in a citywide effort to conserve utility energy.

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Check out this Miami Beach 20-story condominium roof coating job we completed in our online portfolio.  

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