30 Jul 2022
about HVHZ

What is HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zone)? South Florida typically experiences severe tropical storms also known as Hurricanes. However, some areas feel the impact more. These areas are designated HVHZ( High-Velocity Hurricane Zone.)  What is HVHZ? The High-Velocity Hurricane Zone is an area in South Florida marked for its severe weather. This area experiences more hurricanes […]

28 Jul 2022

What Type of Roof Damage Is Eligible For An Insurance Claim? Many homeowners with insurance policies have confidence in their provider to fix or pay for any damage done to their homes, including their roofs. What they don’t know, however is that not all damage is covered by all insurance companies.  And when it comes […]

01 Jul 2022
hurricane season

How To Prepare Your Home For Hurricane Season 2022 Each year, hurricanes result in millions of dollars’ worth of property damage. While these natural catastrophes are unpreventable, there are several things you can do to safeguard your home, as even the best-built properties may not be able to withstand the fiercest tropical storms. Depending on […]