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July 27, 2022

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Tim Kanak

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5 Easy Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

Everybody loves summer. From children who are free from school routines to adults who look forward to vacations, it is an exciting season for family bonding. 

No doubt, you’ve got plans. Maybe a picnic or get-together in your yard, an ice-cream day out, or even a getaway. While all of these are important to make your summer wholesome, your home should also enjoy some summer touches. 

And if you haven’t already made a list, we are here to help you. Here are some essential home maintenance tips for summer to ensure your living space remains comfortable and in excellent condition throughout the season.

1. Clean Up Your Yard

Start from your roof. By now, your gutters must be filled with leaves and other kinds of dirt. Sweep out the debris and drain stagnant water, if any. Inspect your roof for leaks or displaced shingles and repair or replace them. 

Move down to your driveway, clear the debris, and patch up any cracks. Also, check your drainage systems and clear them for the summer rain. 

Check your deck surfaces for weak and broken areas. Give it a thorough washing and let it dry for a few days. Seal or stain your deck to protect it from the weather and give it a beautiful finish. 

Don’t forget your landscape. Trim your trees for aesthetics and hang up green pots to bring your home to life. You can also place some flower pots inside your home to dehumidify your rooms and improve the air quality. For safety, check weak and dead trees and have them pruned or removed as necessary. 

Once this is done, it’s time to set your patio and get ready for the grills.

2. Get your BBQ Grill Ready

Summer is for dining with family and enjoying vacation and picnics with family and friends. And what’s a summer gathering without some steaks and maize on the cob? 

Your BBQ grill will need more than just rinsing and wiping with clothes, you need to deep clean it. First, fire the grill up and heat it for about 15 minutes. This way, you can scrape off dirt and leftover stains from last season easily. Turn the heat off and wash every part of the grill thoroughly, from the burners and grates to the drip tray, using a sponge, soap, and water. 

Leave it out to dry before packing it up, and your grill is ready for use all through the season. Summer is for treats. 

2. Inspect and Repair Your HVAC

During the summer, your air conditioning will be put to more use so it’s important to clean your filter for quality air. 

Many HVAC experts recommend cleaning the filter once every 30 days to improve air quality in your home. If you have pets and flowers in your home, you may adjust the frequency at which you change your AC filter. 

4. Improve Your Summer Home Decor with Vibrant Colors

From the interior to the exterior of your home, embrace some bright colors to go with the warm weather. Begin by revamping your bedroom and living area with fresh and light-colored sheets and curtains. Consider summer home improvement projects that involve incorporating sunny yellows, candy reds, soothing sage greens, or lively floral patterns into your decor.

Consider touching up your painting to go with the summer mood. If your fence is looking tired, perk it up with some new bright colors. 

Don’t forget your garden furniture. Give them some pressure washing, dry them and add a touch of furniture finishing. Bring out your throw pillows to add colors. 

5. Clean and Seal your Windows

One of the impacts of winter on your doors and windows is that they may have developed some gaps and hinges faults.

Check the door handles and repair them if necessary. Clean your windows by opening them up and clearing debris from the weep holes. With a soft cotton material and soap, clean the exterior as dirt on the glass traps heat. You want the window to bounce off the UV instead. This does not mean that the exterior should be left dirty. 

To protect your home from heat, you may try some white light curtains. This will help filter the light into your home and save you from exorbitant power bills. It’s important to look out for cracks in the glass and call for a repair if you find any. 

Finally, inspect caulkings for damages and fix them as quickly as possible. Caulkings prevent your interior from water and air. 


Preparing your home for summer may be more than just catching defects early and saving costs, the cleaning and colors can be therapeutic for you and your family.  

And while it is a delightful experience, you do not have to do all the damage repairs. Where the damage threatens your safety, do not hesitate to call a professional to get it done. As summer approaches, remember to prioritize your well-being and safety, always considering these essential home maintenance tips for summer.

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