Fisher Island Clay Barrel Tile Re-Roof

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The exclusive Fisher Island, located just off of mainland Miami Beach, is a private luxury condominium and villa community with stunning ocean and Miami cityscape views. Perkins Roofing has been working on the private barrier island since the 1990s, servicing the community for roofing repairs, copper gutter installation and maintenance, and multiple major reroofs.

A section of the Island composed of several high-rise condominium buildings was due for a reroof and contacted us in 2019. With our extensive multi-story building re-roofing experience, we knew this a project we could conquer in a timely and efficient manner. The reroof process of the nine-story buildings began with a full demolition of the existing roof using cranes for the debris removal. Next, roofing materials were delivered via crane to the rooftops.

Perkins Roofing completed a handmade clay barrel tile reroof on the buildings, neatly placed over a 30-year Polyglass MTS and Polyglass TU Plus underlayment system all working alongside a concrete restoration company. We also installed seven-inch seamless copper gutters throughout buildings.

Key Takeaways
Project Time Span: 160 working days
Square feet: 22,500 sq feet
Warranty: 30-year Polyglass, 10-year Perkins Roofing
Unique challenges: All roofing materials were delivered by way of a barge departing from the Fisher Island terminal off of Miami Beach. Cranes located at the jobsite then delivered all materials to the roof. Prior to this step, cranes were used for rooftop debris removal. Perkins Roofing also worked alongside a concrete restoration company as they completed their work while also enduring a six-month pause in the middle of the reroof project for the concrete restoration to complete.

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About This Project

  • DATE: 17th June 2020

  • CATEGORY: Commercial Projects, Polyglass

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Fisher Island Clay Barrel Tile Re-Roof -
Fisher Island Clay Barrel Tile Re-Roof -
Fisher Island Clay Barrel Tile Re-Roof -
Fisher Island Clay Barrel Tile Re-Roof -