Majestic Towers at Bal Harbour Roof Restoration

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Majestic Towers, a 22-story architectural masterpiece with scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean, was in a challenging roof situation: they needed what they excepted was a new roof, but the HOA reserves were low. Experienced in working with homeowner’s associations (HOAs) and boards that may or may not always have an easy time agreeing on what’s best for the roof, Perkins Roofing proposed a plan to this Miami condominium to save their roof as well as thousands of dollars from the community’s reserves.

After carefully examining the condition of this oceanfront condo’s roof, speaking with the condo’s maintenance professionals onsite, and considering the concerns from the board president, a roof restoration plan was proposed at the next board meeting to extend the life of the roof. A budget-friendly option and a smart move to save the building from re-roofing.

For this Miami roof restoration project, a GAF TOPCOAT Surface Seal SB coating system was applied to the entire surface of the roof. This product is excellent at lowering roof temperature which in turn helps with utility bills and keeping the building cool in the relentless South Florida heat with its solar reflectance capabilities. GAF’s Surface Seal wins a gold star in keeping water out and leaks away with its strong flexible seal that does not become brittle with time.

All work is backed with a 10-year GAF “No Dollar Limit” (NDL) manufacturer’s warranty and a 10-year Perking Roofing warranty.

Key Takeaways
Project time span: 33 work days
Square feet: 33,700 sq feet
Warranty: 10-year GAF NDL warranty, 10-year Perkins Roofing warranty
Unique challenges: Oceanfront high-rise condo where weather was sometimes a factor (strong winds), worked carefully around many a/c units during installation process.

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About This Project

  • DATE: 17th April 2020

  • CATEGORY: Commercial Projects

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Majestic Towers at Bal Harbour Roof Restoration -
Majestic Towers at Bal Harbour Roof Restoration -
Majestic Towers at Bal Harbour Roof Restoration -
Majestic Towers at Bal Harbour Roof Restoration -