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Spring 2019
Throughout South Florida cities, you will find many different types of commercial roofs. A thermoplastic polyolefin roof, or TPO for short, is a single-ply roofing membrane that covers the entire surface of the roof. TPO roofs are common for commercial buildings due to being relatively fast and simple to install on large roof areas.

A Fort Lauderdle commercial building owner contacted Perkins Roofing to take a look at their 7,300 square foot two-story building just outside downtown. The building which used to be a school, sported a very old gravel roof and rare tectum roof deck. Tectum roof decks are made of cementitious wood fibers and used to be popular for their cost efficiency and simple install. However, there are much better options on the market today for roofing systems.

Working diligently alongside HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) contractors to fix and replace this building’s roof and air conditioning systems, Perkins Roofing got right down to the dirty work of tearing off the building’s ancient roof. For this commercial building, Perkins Roofing installed a GAF EverGuard Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) 60-mil membrane system to the center deck. The additional decks are scheduled for completion summer of 2020.

All work is backed with a Perkins Roofing 10-year warranty and a 20-year GAF product warranty.

The building owner held a goal to repair and replace the roof and air conditioning systems currently in place so they could find a new tenant for their commercial building and have it operating up to speed. Perkins Roofing helped this building owner achieve their goal of continuing cash flow into their property.

Key Takeaways
Project Time Span: 10 work days
Square feet: 7,300
Warranty: Perkins Roofing (10-year) and GAF material only (20-year)

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About This Project

  • DATE: 9th April 2020

  • CATEGORY: Commercial Projects

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Commercial TPO Roof in Fort Lauderdale -
Commercial TPO Roof in Fort Lauderdale -
Commercial TPO Roof in Fort Lauderdale -
Commercial TPO Roof in Fort Lauderdale -