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A five-story luxury waterfront condominium building in beautiful Coconut Grove called Perkins Roofing in desperate need of a new roof… and the catch? While smack dab in the middle of hurricane season where a threat of a tropical storm is always looming over South Florida. Experienced in working with tight deadlines, even those to do with unpredictable Mother Nature, we knew we were the perfect fit for the job.

After thoroughly examining the current condition of this high rise Miami condominium’s roof by the Perkins Roofing estimating team, the recipe for a new roof was perfectly tailored to fit this community’s needs.

A 4-ply Polyglass self-adhered roofing system was installed while also removing six to eight inches of existing old insulation, awarding the community a 30-year manufacturer Polyglass QUANTUM “No Dollar Limit” (NDL) warranty. Perkins Roofing is one of six certified Polyglass QUANTUM contractors in the nation! A three-coat silicone roofing system was added on top of this. The new roof included a tapered installation with a concrete deck.

All work was carefully completed while accessing the job via high reach only and working mindfully around many a/c units.

Key Takeaways
Project time span: 86 work days
Square feet: 3,900 sq feet – 4 decks
Warranty: 30-year Polyglass QUANTUM Contractor NDL warranty
Unique challenges: Worked during the height of hurricane season, team had to use high reaches only to access job site and deliver material, worked carefully around many a/c units during installation process.

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About This Project

  • DATE: 14th April 2020

  • CATEGORY: Commercial Projects

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Coconut Grove Condo Re-Roof -
Coconut Grove Condo Re-Roof -
Coconut Grove Condo Re-Roof -
Coconut Grove Condo Re-Roof -